Kelso Stays Hot On
Diamond. Padres Won
25-Unit NL Game Of Week
Yesterday…Total Of Week
Tops 3-0 Thursday. The
Padres (-155) beat the
Rockies 5-3 yesterday in
my Best Bets Baseball
Club’s NL Game of the
Week and the winning
should continue on a 3-0
day highlighted by the
25-unit Baseball Total of
the Week. My figures say
the totals number in this
game is off by two runs,
opening the door for
another score, plus two
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Hammerin’ Hank On 71%
NBA Run After 2-0 Weds.
Dunks Twice Thurs. With
the schedule now in Push
to the Playoffs Mode,
(4 Days left to the regular
season-Playoffs begin 5/18)
Hank’s contacts, experience,
handicapping expertise and
money management will
continue to Pay Off after
sweeping Wed. night with
the Nets and Rockets 
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