Kelso Now Featuring
His 25 UNIT Best Play
Of The Day For Players
Looking To Focus On
One Move Daily. The 
Chairman’s Club offers
bettors the best of all
worlds—daily plays
at least 25 units, plus
all Best Bets Club plays.
To qualify as a Club play,
a team must grade out
under my baseball
handicapping formula
with an 85% chance to
win and be at the top
of its form cycle. While
I am not going to reveal
the 10 elements that
I use, all Chairman’s
Club releases must
grade out with the best
number in eight of those
categories. To repeat,
Membership in the
Chairman’s Club gets
you that ONE Daily 25-
unit play that has an
85% chance to win. Plus
the 2-3 selections from
my Bet bets Club. Sign
Up Online Or Call
$45 for One Week or
$179 for the remainder
of the season, including
Playoffs & World Series.