Sunday Web Ads

For January 26, 2020

Set To Win Three Showdown College Games Today

Two Of Today’s Best Bets Contests Are Battles

For First Place In Their Conferences, The 3rd

Game A Major Grudge  Matchup

My Best Bets Basketball Club finally had a losing day Saturday but is primed to bounce right back today with the winners of three nationally televised games. Two of the contests are for teams battling for first place in their conferences, and the third a grudge match involving teams that definitely do not like one another.

The games will be released as 15-unit plays, and you can win them for just $10 on this 3-0 Sunday. And, yes, I am confident I will bounce right back and win them all.

An even better bet would be to sign up for the entire Best Bets Club college and NBA seasons for just $195. If it better fits your needs, you also can play for a week (7 days) for just $40, or for two weeks (14 days) for just $60.

Best Bets Club 13-6-1 Last 7 Days

1/25…15 Units…Clemson (+9.5) 62, Louisville 80 (Lost)

1/25…15 Units…BYU (-2.5) 82, San Francisco 83 (Lost)

1/12…Florida (-2) 61, Baylor 72 (Lost)

1/24…15 Units…Marquette (+6) 85, Butler 89 (Won)

1/24…10 Units…Yale (-5.5) 73, Brown 62 (Won)

1/23…15 Units…Minnesota (+7.5) 62, Ohio State 59 (Won)

1/23…15 Units…Indiana (+3.5) 67, Michigan State 63 (Won)

1/23…15 Units…USC (+10) 70, Oregon 79 (Won)

1/22…15 Units…Bradley (-9.5) 75, Illinois State 63 (Won)

1/22…15 Units…Mississippi State (-4) 77, Arkansas 70 (Won)

1/22…15 Units…South Carolina (+11) 67, Auburn 80 (Lost)

1/21…15 Units…New Mexico (-11.5) 86, San Jose State 59 (Won)

1/21…15 Units…Kent State (-9.5) 69, Northern Illinois 76 (Lost)

1/20…15 Units…N.C. State (+4.5) 52, Virginia 61 (Won)

1/20…15 Units…Oklahoma (+10) 57, Baylor 61 (Won)

1/19…15 Units…Rutgers (-5.5) 64, Minnesota 56 (Won)

1/19…10 Units…North Dakota State (-8) 83, North Dakota 74 (Won)

1/18…15 Units…Northern Iowa (+1) 86, Bradley 71 (Won)

1/18…15…San Diego State (-13) 68, Nevada 55 (Push)

1/18…15 Units…Murray State (-10) 96, SE Missouri State 91 (Lost)

Another College Blowout Gets It Done Today

South Carolina Was Released As A Blowout

Winner Yesterday And Came Through With

90-64 Win…Right Back Today With Another One

We are at the point of the basketball season where the good teams get better and the lesser teams fall deeper by the wayside. My Chairman’s Basketball Club proved that again yesterday as the South Carolina Gamecocks (-12) crushed a terrible Vanderbilt team, 90-64. The Gamecocks are at their best and four games back had beaten Kentucky while Vanderbilt had lost six straight.

This is the nature of every basketball season. The good teams are at this point prepared to continue while the bad teams, for whatever the reasons, are disgusted, down-hearted and worn out.

This situation has opened the door for blowout winners, and we have another such game today that should do exactly that. I am releasing the winner of this game as a 25-unit bet and you can win it for just $15, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

Break The Bank Tonight With 50-Unit NBA Parlay

There Are Two Teams On Tonight’s 8-Game

NBA Schedule That Are Standout Plays

And I Am Releasing Them In A 50-Unit Parlay

There is a time and a place in all sports for all kinds of different wagers and tonight the NBA is front and center for a 50-unit 2-team parlay bet that should bury your bookmaker as it delivers a load of money to you. My figures say both teams of the parlay are in the perfect spots to win in dominating fashion.

I have had an excellent NBA season and intend to keep right on cashing tickets tonight. The bet will be 20-units on both winners and a 10-unit parlay. You can get the money on this 3-0 night for just $15, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.